Visa application

Checklist for visa applications:

  • Travel document (i.e. passport) valid for at least another six (6) months from the date of departure
  • Two (2) completed application forms (download)
  • Two (2) recent biometric passport photographs – format 4.5 x 3.5 cm (no photocopy or scanned photo)
  • A (in Cameroon) legalised invitation to Cameroon / or a certificate of accommodation / or a letter of business trip (official trip)
  • Photocopy of the flight ticket or flight reservation
  • photocopy of a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate
    For children, please enclose a photocopy of the birth certificate, a signed permission from both parents, and a photocopy of the passport or ID card of the parents.

We advise all applicants not to buy their flight ticket, but only to reserve it as long as the visa has not been approved.

Depending on the type of visa and duration of your visit to Cameroon, the visa fees are as follows:

Type of visa  Duration of stay Number of entries Fees
Short term (transit, tourism,
1 to 90Days 1 or more 110 €
Long-term (tourism, business, etc.) 91 to 180 days 1 or more € 220

Payment of visa fees is made in cash or by bank transfer to the Embassy’s bank account indicated below:

Institute (Bank):      Deutsche Bank Berlin
Account number:     9270232
Bank code:              10070000
IBAN:                      DE93 1007 0000 0927 0232 00
BIC:                         DEUTDEBBXXX

Deposits for visa applications can be made without appointment on any working day between 9:30 and 12:30.

Withdrawal of passport is made three days after the date of submission of the application.

The visa application and documents can also be sent by post to the embassy with a stamped envelope (with your name and address) to return your passport to you. The embassy recommends to use a visa company or use express mail such as DHL . In this case, as with the transfer of visa fees, a procedure of 2 to 4 weeks should be provided for.

NB: It is recommended that you pick up your passport in person at the embassy. The Embassy is not liable for the loss of a passport or for delays caused by sending it by post or otherwise.