63rd Ordinary session of the general conference of the IAEA



Dr Madeleine TCHUINTE, Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation

Madam Chairperson My delegation congratulates you on your election and affirms its great sadness following the death of the Director General of the IAEA, Mr. YUKIYA AMANO. My country expresses satisfaction with the quality and density of the documents made available to the delegations of the Member States at the time of this conference. Reports submitted by the Secretariat show that the Generalized Safeguards Agreements and the Additional Protocol are in force in many Member States. I am pleased to inform this assembly that Cameroon ratified the Additional Protocol in 2015 and has just acceded to the modified Protocol applied to small quantities of nuclear material in July 2019. By fully complying with the verification system of the IAEA, my country further indicates its support for the IAEA’s projects for the peaceful use of nuclear energy in the world. Cameroon encourages the Agency to continue relentlessly its efforts aimed at concluding the General Safeguards Agreements and the Additional Protocol with all the Member States. Madam President My country recognizes that the IAEA’s technical cooperation program is the Agency’s primary means of transferring nuclear technology and building the capacities of member states in peaceful nuclear applications. This program also facilitates regional cooperation between Member States.

Cameroon notes with satisfaction that the third Regional Strategic Framework for Cooperation (RCF) 2019–2023, of AFRA (Regional Cooperation Agreement for Africa in the field of research, training and development of science and of nuclear technology) contains innovations in human resource development, notably with the introduction of doctoral programs in the Africa Division of the Department of Technical Cooperation. This is important support for developing Member States, particularly those in the Africa region, to address their shortages of quality human resources in the area of ​​nuclear applications. Cameroon recommends the support of these doctoral training programs alternating between the country of origin and the host country of the student, which already cover, – agriculture and food, – human health, – radiation protection, – the management of water resources, pending their extension in other sectors, It should be recognized that the assets of the IAEA already feature prominently the Postgraduate Course in Radiation Protection and Safety of radiation sources (PGEC) which has proven over the past two decades as an effective tool for training young professionals from national nuclear regulatory bodies. Cameroon encourages the IAEA to strengthen and maintain these regional skills development programs.
Madam President, my country has just promulgated Law No. 2019/017 of 19 July 2019 on the General Framework for Radiological and Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Safety, Civil Liability and the Application of Guarantees. It strengthens national legislation in this area by incorporating the relevant provisions of international legal instruments to which Cameroon is a party. My country appreciates the technical assistance provided by the IAEA in this regard, and expresses its deep gratitude to it. Madam President Cameroon adheres to the regional and international initiatives of the Agency aimed at increasing cooperation in order to achieve a high level of nuclear safety and security, and the application of IAEA guarantees. In this register, I would like to recall that Cameroon is a member of AFRA and approved in 2018 the revised Charter of the Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Organizations in Africa (FNRBA) which comes into force from September 2019 Cameroon welcomes the IAEA’s commitment to sustainably support all these regional organizations in order to make them instruments for carrying out its program in Africa. Madam President Cameroon once again expresses its gratitude to the IAEA for its support for the implementation of nuclear security measures during the 2016 CAN women’s final. Indeed, my country attaches very particular importance to security nuclear. The first Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP) in Cameroon, developed with IAEA assistance, was implemented in the 2014-2017 period. The mission of review of this Plan by the IAEA took place from 03 to 07 September 2018. The new Plan took into account the implementation of nuclear security measures during the African Championship of Nations (CHAN) 2020 and of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) 2021 of Football which will be disputed in Cameroon. My delegation reiterates my country’s request for assistance to the Agency with regard to the challenges of these two events. Madam President Cameroon renews its confidence in the IAEA in the pursuit of its verification and assistance missions for the peaceful use of nuclear energy throughout the world. Thank you.

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