Science within everyone’s reach!

Science within everyone’s reach!

After a working session with the cultural service of the Embassy of Cameroon in Berlin during which Dr. Stephane Kenmoe presented his projects for the development of sciences within the framework of scientific policy and interuniversity cooperation with Cameroon, he was received by The Ambassador to present the Diversity Award for Academic Leadership from the University of Duisburg-Essen, which he received as part of his work in popularizing science and networking with Africa on the 26th May 2020. For more than an hour of clock, Mr. Kenmoe presented to the Ambassador the quintessence of his work and actions which have earned him this high distinction. Indeed, the young researcher physicist is a former student of the University of Dschang where he made brilliant studies in physics which earned him to integrate at the option of a scholarship the prestigious international center of physics ICTP of Trieste in 2010. .

Recommended by his teachers, he continued his research in atomic and molecular physics at the famous German research center Max-Planck-Institut in Düsseldorf, from which he obtained a PhD from the University of Bochum. He will then join the University of Duisburg-Essen for a postdoc.

In addition to his activities as a researcher in physico-chemical sciences at this university, Dr. Stéphane Kenmoe, who has several scientific articles to his credit, is also a great communicator. Moreover, it is his ability to transmit his knowledge and realities as complex as water splitting or the elements of quantum physics with an ease and a simplicity like no other that impresses his interlocutors more. Mr. Kenmoe is doing “physics for dummies” because with a lot of humor he manages to shatter the “myth of hard science and numbers”. It brings together concepts that are practically inaccessible to the common citizen. Ultimately, he explains scientific phenomena in an easy, understandable and humorous way. It is with this in mind that its actions to popularize the sciences, particularly physics, are carried out to raise African awareness of the long-term economic impact of science and research.

It does this through various channels:

  • Social networks: Follow him on Facebook through his program “Un jour un material” on the page “Kenmoe Stéphane TV” where he presents in a humorous way a local material, its properties and the impact of its development by populations;
  • Television: Mr. Kenmoe has been appearing in the Channel 2 program “Nous chez vous” since 2017 through the High Tech section. In the interval of 5 to 10 minutes, it involves renowned Cameroonian artists who carry with humor the cause of science. He is now supported by young student-researchers, multipliers that he encourages in Cameroon.
  • The radio is a channel par excellence chosen by Dr. Kenmoe knowing that Cameroonians are generally very attached to their receiver. This is how he also speaks on RFI in the program “Autour de la question”, when the subject is related to the physical sciences. He has become a resource person in this area.
  • Writing, in particular the novel with the publication of his first opus in 2019 “Science illuminates Ndjocka-City” published by Binam editions, in which he “tells about science” through funny little stories in the fictional city of Ndjocka. city.
  • The scientific film: for this purpose the aforementioned novel was brought to the cinema by the scriptwriter and director Michel Pouamo and famous Cameroonian actors / comedians through a television series which will appear in the coming months. The first season of this series entitled “Science in the City” retraces in 26 episodes the “triumph of innovative ideas that initially seemed crazy” and the support of the majority of the population thereafter. The goal is not only to build a solid scientific culture in Africa by presenting in a humorous way, scientific and technological advances, but also to arouse vocations, especially for women in science.
  • The scientific press: Mr. Kenmoe is co-founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine “Diaspo Science & Tech – The scientific forum of the diaspora”. He is also the co-founder of the webcast “Diaspo Science & Tech – The Voice of the Scientific Diaspora”. These platforms are initiatives of the VKII (Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists of Germany) of which he is a member and chairman of the scientific committee. They were indeed created to allow African experts in the diaspora to share their views on science, technology and technology issues.

Despite the humor and playful ease with which Dr. Kenmoe presents his themes, he is driven by a serious socio-political ambition. This brilliant and very sharp scientist wants to sensitize Cameroonian politicians in general and African in particular on the relevance of research and its funding, contained in the plans of the African Union for the achievement of the MDGs and the reduction of the poverty in Africa. He is convinced that if the objectives set by the African Union for the financing of science in Africa are respected by all states, our continent would emerge from the economic dependence of the countries of the North. The covid 19 pandemic could / should have been a chance for the continent to reveal itself to the world, because if the therapeutic virtues of its rich medicinal flora had been studied extensively and with a rigorous scientific approach, the African solution to the covid19 would surely have been taken more seriously.

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