Activities of the Ambassador

German businessmen at Ulmenallee 32 in Berlin

On 27 July 2020 a group of German investors interested in the Cameroonian market were received by the Ambassador. They are on the one hand, the managers of the companies IDC Consulting, specialized in the metallurgical industry and IDC Consulting specialized in consulting, feasibility study and financing of foreign direct investments. On the other hand, the ambassador  also received  the managers of Ecolog International, a company specializing in providing logistical and infrastructural solutions in crisis situations. The various exchanges focused mainly on the investment system, the business climate, the creation of companies and jobs, the human potential of Cameroon and the setting up, among others, of joint ventures between these companies and the Cameroonian government for the exploitation of iron  and the construction of the railway network. Ecolog, for its part, presented a set of services required to strengthen the health system, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The company provides mobile diagnostic units as well as rapid and adequate management of this disease. The fruitful exchanges resulted in the proposal to make concrete and specific offers and projects for Cameroon in the coming days.

Visit of the Mollihof Jakob Museum in Grüningen

At the invitation of the company Mollihof Jakob, the ambassador visited Mollihof Jakob’s facility in Grüningen on Tuesday, August 3, 2020, exhibiting its impressive fleet of agricultural machinery – with some rarities – as well as relics from the former German Democratic Republic. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, this family business had indeed specialized in the manufacture of material transporters (officially called Geräteträger – GT) which replaced tractors and modernized the mechanization of agriculture in general. Today, the Molli company is completely rebuilding the old equipment that is still useful in agriculture, replacing each old component with a more modern one.  Some of these machines are resold to interested farmers, and the family business also encourages partnerships with foreign countries for the assembly or manufacture of these machines on their territory.


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