A word from ambassador H.E. Jean-Marc Mpay

Welcome to the new website of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Cameroon and Germany are countries linked by history and which share several common values. Diplomatic relations between our two countries have been established since November 23, 1960. And since then, the ties of friendship and cooperation that unite us have continued to improve and strengthen.
Through this site, we hope to provide you with reliable and credible information on Cameroon. You will also find there the various services offered by the Embassy.
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The career of Ambassador H.E. Jean-Marc Mpay

Born on July 21, 1945 in Nguibassal in Cameroon, Mr. Jean-Marc Mpay studied primary and secondary, then he studied university in Law and Economic Sciences at the University of Yaoundé and post-university in international relations at the Cameroon Institute of International Relations and Political Science at the University of Ottawa In Canada.

Ambassador Mpay is a career diplomat. At the Central Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was Deputy Director of African and Asian Affairs, then Director of Information, Documentation and Diplomatic Archives.

Outside, he served as Second Secretary to the Permanent Mission of Cameroon to the United Nations in New York, First Secretary at the Cameroonian Embassy in Ottawa, Second Counselor at the Cameroonian Embassy in Beijing and finally First Counselor, Minister Counselor and Chargé d’Affaires ai at the Permanent Mission of Cameroon to the United Nations in New York.

Ambassador Jean-Marc Mpay has participated in numerous international conferences dealing, inter alia, with international economic cooperation, security and disarmament, peacekeeping, the environment, the law of the sea, energies renewable etc.

He attended several training seminars organized by the UN on international economic problems, security and disarmament, peacekeeping, international law issues, satellite remote sensing of the earth, etc.

Ambassador Jean-Marc Mpay is also a Farmer (oil palm, cocoa).

He is married and has three children.