Authorization to repatriate a deceased person

In the event of the death of a Cameroonian in Germany, those responsible for the repatriation of the remains are required to have a body repatriation authorization issued by the Embassy of Cameroon in the FRG. The parts to be produced are as follows:

1- Request addressed to the Ambassador

2- Photocopy of the passport of the deceased

3- Photocopy of the deceased’s birth certificate

4- Photocopy of the death certificate

5- Fees: 10 €

The authorization to repatriate bodies is generally established immediately after receipt of the above-mentioned documents.

In the event that the applicant is physically present at the embassy, he may return to possession of the said authorization the same day. Otherwise, he must attach to the file a stamped envelope for registered delivery with your address or give a signed and legalized power of attorney to a third party.