Honorary consulates

Cameroon maintains honorary consulates in Essen, Hamburg and Vienna.

An honorary consulate is neither a general consulate nor an embassy. As a result, the honorary consul does not have all the powers devolved to consuls general and ambassadors. He exercises his functions under the responsibility and exclusive control of the Ambassador, head of the consular district.

Powers of honorary consuls
  • Certification of certain documents with the exception of diplomas issued in Cameroon, birth certificates, marriage certificates and any other document issued by the Cameroonian authorities.
  • In the event of the arrest or imprisonment of a Cameroonian, the informed honorary consul will ensure the conditions of detention. To assist him judicially, he will offer him a list of lawyers to defend him – the lawyer’s remuneration remains payable by the person concerned.
  • In the event of a serious accident, the honorary consul may notify the family and consider with them the measures to be taken: hospitalization or repatriation – the expenses incurred remaining the responsibility of the relatives.
  • In the event of death, the honorary consul contacts the Embassy so that the formalities related to the death can be carried out – the costs must be borne by the deceased’s insurance organization or, failing this, by the family.

Only the Embassy is responsible for:

  • Issue entry visas to Cameroon (new)
  • Issue a pass
  • Prepare or transcribe a civil status certificate.
  • Receive passport records.

Contact for honorary consulates.

Honorary Consulate Hamburg
Dr. Stefan Liebing
Schlüterstr 60
20146 Hamburg
Phone: + 49-4059 3714-11
Fax: + 43-4059 3714-44
Email: honorarkonsul @ stefan-liebing.de
Website: https://www.kamerun-hamburg.de

Honorary Consulate Essen
Dr. Gordon Walter, Honorary Consul
Heierbusch 28
45133 Essen
Telephone: + 49-201-42 09 88
Email: consul.h.walter @ online.de
Website: http://www.kamerun-konsulat.de/

Honorary Consulate Vienna
Ms. Gertrud Tauchhammer, Honorary Consul
Villa Flora, Hüttelbergerstrasse 23A
1140 Vienna
Phone: + 43-1 914 77 44-0
Fax: + 43-1 914 77 44-8
Email: mail@society.at