Investment Promotion Agency

The Investment Promotion Agency (A.P.I) is a public administrative establishment with legal personality and financial autonomy. Its headquarters are in Douala. The A.P.I is placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Promotion of Private Investments and under the financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance …


The mission of the A.P.I, in conjunction with the other Administrations and public and private bodies concerned, is to contribute to the development and implementation of the Government’s policy in the field of investment promotion in Cameroon.

As such, the A.P.I is responsible in particular for:

  • Promote the brand image of Cameroon abroad;
  • To participate in the improvement of an incentive and favorable environment for investments in Cameroon;
  • To propose measures likely to attract investors to Cameroon as well as those likely to improve the implementation of sector codes;
  • et up a project database available to investors;


The A.P.I also provides investors with the following public services:

  • The reception, assistance and orientation of foreign and national investors in the stages of setting up investment projects;
  • Receipt and processing of applications for approval of one of the privileged systems provided for in the Investment Charter as well as the system of structuring projects established by the General Tax Code;
  • Obtaining the visas necessary for the execution of investment programs of approved companies and for the stay of their foreign staff in Cameroon;
  • Assistance to approved companies in the procedures necessary for the execution of their investment programs;
  • The establishment, in conjunction with the competent technical services, of simplified administrative procedures by type of activity;
  • Monitoring and controlling the execution of commitments made by approved companies.


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