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The consular service manages questions relating to registration at the Embassy, obtaining the consular card, visa application, passport, laissez-passer, marriage, document transcription of birth, the authorization to repatriate the body, the certificate of loss and the request for a power of attorney.

The cultural service manages questions relating to the academic monitoring of students, the monitoring of the university aid program granted by the Cameroonian Ministry of Higher Education, the relocation of students and trainees, the monitoring of the associative life of Cameroonians living in the area. competence of the Embassy and the monitoring of relations between universities, research and culture circles in the area of competence and those of Cameroon.

The Economical Department manages information for German companies wishing to go to Cameroon and for Cameroonian companies wishing to work with or already doing business with Germany or with Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania , North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Under the supervision of His Excellency the Ambassador, the Political Affairs Department manages relations with representatives of Germany, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia , Montenegro, Poland and the Czech Republic with Cameroon.