Moving to Germany

Are you moving to Germany as part of an expatriation or a personal project and wondering what you need to know and what to do when you arrive?

Within the European community, many procedures have been simplified and common procedures have been in place for many years. The specialists from Expatriation-Germany inform you.

Administrative procedures :
The registration in Town Hall “Anmeldung”

Whether your installation is temporary or indefinite, you must register with the competent authorities “Meldebehörde” in your municipality of residence within 8 days. This formality is mandatory and must be done within 15 days of your installation. The registration generates the tax identification number Steueridentifikations-Nr. It is essential for many administrative procedures.

The form is obtained directly from the Bürgeramt or town hall and can sometimes be downloaded beforehand on the website of your municipality. Filling it does not present any particular difficulty. In particular, you will declare your religion there, which will have a tax impact on your tax household. If you are an atheist, indicate it then, you will not be liable for worship taxes.

Are you moving to the same city or to another region of Germany? Register within 15 days of your new installation at the town hall of your new residence.

On the other hand, when leaving from Germany (abroad), the Abmeldung de-registration from the registers is also compulsory: a certificate will be issued which will allow you to also cancel many subscriptions.

To carry out these procedures, it is possible to give a proxy to someone you trust or to a professional.

The TV / Radio fee will contact you in the weeks of your arrival with the corresponding registration form: even without radio or television screen, the fee is payable per household.

Open a Girokonto bank account

In order to collect your salary and pay for a large number of everyday expenses, opening a Girokonto bank account is highly recommended, even essential.

The opening procedures are substantially identical to French banks. When opening the account, you will need to provide your German Steueridentifikations-Nr.

The EC-Karte is much more widespread than Visa or Mastercard. It allows you to withdraw money from the ATM and to pay for free at merchants. Cash payments are much more common. Make sure to take advantage of the accepted payment methods before going to the cash desk.

Outside your banking network, there is a charge for withdrawing money with EC Karte. The “Cash group” network can therefore be recommended. (Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Postbank, Hypovereinsbank, Commerzbank) for its large network.
Banking is expensive when ordered over the counter. It is advisable to favor the Internet or ATMs.

Civil status :

Consular registration is strongly recommended in order to make it easier for you to renew your official documents in Germany with the consulate on which you depend.


If you are registered on the consular lists, you can send your request for the establishment of an identity card or a passport to the consulate.

The French driving license is recognized by the German administration. If the latter is lost or stolen, you will be issued a German driving license (residence principle).

Remember to leave your papers up to date and keep a copy before you leave.

Wedding :

French marriage is recognized in Germany. The Franco-German matrimonial property participation regime has existed since May 1, 2013. The consultation of a notary or a lawyer will allow the chosen regime to be adjusted.

Please note that PACS is not recognized in Germany.

Family life :

As a German resident, you can benefit from several important aids *:

  • Family allowances or Kindergeld
  • Parental leave or Elternzeit. This unworked period is counted in the public pension.
  • Parental leave or Elterngeld allowances.

* subject to administrative conditions

For all its procedures, it is possible to call on a professional who will accompany you in the preparation of the file.

The German government has set up a large financial support program for the development of childcare facilities for children under the age of 3.

Early childhood policies in several municipalities have made the prices of nurseries and nannies affordable, thanks to significant subsidies. Check with the relevant administration in your city or town.

Insurance & Provident:

Rentenversicherung pension and Arbeitlosenversicherung unemployment insurance are compulsory in Germany for employees.

As the social ceilings are radically different from those in France, complementary retirement insurance is strongly recommended.

Krankenversicherunget dependence Pflegeversicherung health insurance is also compulsory.

There are two health systems in Germany: private and public. The choice between the two systems must be made within the framework of personalized advice. Get professional advice.

Due to the low levels of social benefits in public systems in Germany, it is essential to cover yourself with the essential, although not compulsory, insurance in Germany.

In general, in Germany, the cost of insurance is higher than in France.

Civil liability Haftpflichtversicherung

Not being compulsory in Germany, it is recommended to make sure that your insurance covers you and your family in the event of damage caused by an uninsured and / or insolvent person.

For dog owners, it is also recommended to take out additional insurance.

Hausratversicherung home insurance

It covers property inside your home in the event of theft, fire, water damage, vandalism. Glass breakage insurance is not automatically included.

Kfz-Versicherung car insurance

You have 6 months to register your vehicle in Germany and obtain new plates. Our insurance specialists will help you recognize your French bonus.

Legal protection Rechtschutzversicherung

Uncommon in France, it is very widespread in Germany because of the much more frequent recourse to justice to settle a conflict.

Unfallversicherung accident insurance

She intervenes in the event of disability.

N.B .: employees benefit from coverage in the exercise of their functions. Coverage does not extend to the private setting.

Berufsunfähigkeit incapacity insurance

It entitles you to a monthly pension in the event that a health problem prevents you from continuing to work.

The German public system does not cover you in the event of a long illness.

Coverage conditions vary greatly from one contract to another. Very cheap insurance is often synonymous with incomplete coverage. Get advice from a competent professional.


Here is the non-exhaustive list of taxes in Germany:

Einkommensteuer income tax

In Germany, income tax is obligatorily withheld at source from wages by the debtor of the remuneration in question (as a rule the employer). Self-employed workers have to pay quarterly installments.

The Kirchensteuer cult tax

The main religious communities have the right in Germany to collect this tax.

The Grundsteuer property tax

Grunderwerbsteuer property transfer rights

The Vermögensteuer wealth tax has been suspended since 1997.

Whether or not you have to file a tax return depends on your personal situation. Ask a Steuerberater tax specialist.


Arbeitsvertrag employment contract: whether you are on a fixed-term or permanent contract, a certain number of clauses must appear in any employment contract.

Mietvertrag rental contract: exact number of tenants, correct surface area (!) Of the accommodation, rental period, termination and maintenance costs … The importance of certain clauses should not be underestimated.


Becoming an entrepreneur in Germany remains relatively easy to access and inexpensive. However, the different rules should be observed. Note that these tips relate to the creation of a one-person business or self-business.




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