Embassy wedding

For the publication of banns, the documents to be provided are as follows:

1- A written request addressed to the Ambassador, bearing the full address and telephone contacts of the interested parties (engaged).

2- Applicants’ celibacy certificates, to be issued in Cameroon (for Cameroonians) and legalized by the Ministry of External Relations. If the partner is not Cameroonian, his certificate of celibacy must be legalized by the embassy of his country of origin.

3- Photocopies of applicants’ passports.

4- Photocopies of residence permits

5- Photocopies of birth certificates

6- Envelope with sufficient postage and name and address of the applicant.

7- Fees: 25 €

Wedding in a German / European town hall

For Cameroonians

1- A written request addressed to the ambassador (with telephone contacts).

2- Photocopy of the certificate of celibacy established in Cameroon and legalized by the Ministry of External Relations. If applicable, provide a photocopy of the divorce decree.

3- Photocopy of the birth certificate.

4- Photocopy of passport.

5- Photocopy of the letter (or other document) bearing the address of the Town Hall where the marriage will be celebrated.

If the fiancé (e) is of foreign origin (Africa only)

1- Photocopy of birth certificate

2- Photocopy of his C.N.I. or his passport

3- A document indicating his state of celibacy (If he / she is divorced, also attach a photocopy of the divorce decree).

Upon receipt of these documents, the wedding banners are published by posting to the Embassy and a copy of this publication is sent to the Town Hall of the place of birth of the Cameroonian party and / or the embassy of the party. foreign, if applicable. At the end of a period of one month from the date of publication of the banns, and if no opposition to said marriage plan is registered, the Embassy can celebrate the marriage or issue a certificate of no opposition at the wedding.

The date of the celebration of the marriage is to be agreed with the consular service. The costs of the marriage celebration are to be paid no later than the day of the celebration.